We are holding a Star Trek Enterprise competition. The prize is the Broken Bow Captain's Chair Set by Art Asylum. The Question is...On what deck of the NX-01 Enterprise is Service Junction 59? It is quite a tough question but one any true trekky would know if they'd seen some of the episodes a few times. The runner-up prizes include a walkie talkie set signed by William Shatner and Scott Bakula. Runners up are those who get the correct answer but are drawn out of the hat after the winner. There are 3 runner up prizes to give away.

We got the idea off the Original Series Fan Site which has regular competitions. Although they have a lot more subscribers as the site has been running a couple more years. But we love the Enterprise and our followers are growing by the day. It might have something to do with Sky re-showing the series on a Tuesday night at ten. Or it could be because Scott Bakula who plays Captain Archer was recently on Family Guy.

A while back Futurama showed an episode featuring the original cast of Star Trek and suddenly the sales for Star Trek merchandise went up. I think that's why they decided to reboot the original series and make the new films directed by JJ Abrams and starring Chris Pine from Just My Luck as Captain James T. Kirk. I really liked the Star Trek reboot, actually. It was very well made and exciting.

I went to a recent Comic Con and met the new cast members and a couple of Enterprise cast members were also there. I even met Garrett Hedlund from Tron Legacy and told him he would have made a good Captain Kirk. He said he was flattered but busy at the time making On the Road and hadn't really considered taking on such a big iconic role like William Shatner's Kirk. Maybe he should audition for Han Solo in the new Star Wars Solo prequel.