The Starfleet Communications Network Episode 3

An unknown creature is pursued by hunters. They all appear to be aliens. Quickly catching up to the running creature, they burn it alive with fire-shooters then use a two way radio to communicate with their base ship. In the mean time, on Enterprise ship, Trip's having difficulty getting to sleep but Vulcan-neuro treatment he is getting is starting to be successful. He is in T'Pol's room, ready to get another treatment before T'Pol's wanted in the Command Room.

Captain Archer has been looking at the Xindi database, finding the location of one of the destinations the Xindi went to prior to getting ambushed by marauders in the episode beforehand. Getting to the talked about planet, scanning reveals no human life of any kind, however they locate a starship on the ground. The captain and three of his best companions go by small pod to investigate. They discover the burned remnants of a couple of alien creatures and their starship.

Reed thinks he will vomit on seeing this and begins transforming into a kind of out of this world being. T'Pol then transforms a little bit but is generally not too effected. Hoshi and Archer transform somewhat too. All of them run after T'Pol, grab her and take her along with them. Prior to this, T'Pol had contacted the ship to let them know Archer and the rest had been changed a bit. Trip and his crew continue to scan the planet although only a Vulcan is discovered along with 3 aliens. Phlox ponders that T'Pol must have meant when contacting base to let them know the captain and crew had been altered. In the meantime, T'Pol convinces Hoshi to give her the translation device, therefore being able to talk with the captain who is now speaking alien-like, just like the others.

Tucker and a couple of soldiers arrive at the planet in space suits and bring down the alien Reed. They transport him back to the ship and the doctor determines that he's infected with a mutant virus. T'Pol is nearly completely unaffected due to her Vulcan cells which prevent pathogen from having much effect. This is similar to what would often happen to Spock in the original series. Phlox asks Trip to get a sample of T'Pol's DNA so he can develop the needed antivirus.